Carole Brothers began her career as a teacher and has combined her professional work with her creative impulse 
to become a freelance children's art and craft specialist as well as in artist in her own right. Carole began making dolls
 in 1999 after noticing that there were very few dolls that reflected both her African American heritage and her Christian values. With a creative spirit and deft hands, Brothers has integrated a number of techniques she has learned from various workshops over the years to create her one-of-a-kind pieces. She uses paints, dyes, textiles, mixed media, and surface manipulation to design dolls, figurines, and wall art. Her innovation leads her to incorporate found objects and household items in unusual ways. Carole describes her work as an "interpretation on doll-making from that dates to the earliest of times." Carole has been commissioned to do dolls for prominent clientele such as, The Smithsonian African American Museum Shop.  Her work continues to excite customers and can also be found in their private collections throughout the United States of America.

• The Black Doll Show, Towson, MD
• Purple Door Music/Art Festival, Lewisberry, PA

• Better Homes and Gardens Crafts showcase